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Cherise Tapri Mumbai Masala Chai: The Ultimate Queen-Tea

28 Feb 2022



cherise tapri mumbai masala chai: the ultimate queen-tea

Cherise Tapri Mumbai Masala Chai: The Ultimate Queen-Tea

The city of Mumbai is undoubtedly the heart of India. And the lifeblood that makes it buzz with its energy is a Mumbai tea. In fact, just referring to it as a Mumbai chai wouldn’t do this wonderful concoction justice. It is the best tea in Mumbai, or even the whole country– the cutting chai. Infused with aromatic spices that make you feel as energetic as the beautiful city itself. The queen tea of India, the Mumbai Masala Chai.


Replicating the amazing flavor of this Mumbai special tea is a task next to impossible. But the perfect cup of cutting chai that smells like the busy streets of Mumbai is now easy to make. With the Cherise Tapri instant premix of Mumbai masala chai and its perfect blend of spices and milk to tea ratio. So, what exactly is this Mumbai tea? And what makes it the best tea in Mumbai? More importantly, why has the Cherise Tapri Mumbai Masala Chai caused waves among the tea connoisseurs of India? All the answers are right here. But we can’t promise you that you wouldn’t be craving a steaming glass of cutting chai by the time you’re done reading!

Mumbai Tea through Cherise’s Eyes

Mumbai wakes up early every morning. But the chai wallahs get up before everyone else to fuel the city’s sunrise with their aromatic spiced Mumbai chai, filled to the brim of tiny tinted glass. The crowded city streets only start gaining pace after the corner tapris are set up and everyone is talking with a cup of Mumbai tea in their hands. Rooted deeply in the city’s culture, the Mumbai famous tea not only wakes the people up. It also gives them a break from the chaos of their lives in tiny doses.


This soulful chai in Mumbai begins at the corner tapris. A tapri is a small tea stall covered in tarp, offering the Mumbai famous tea in every nook and corner of the city. They are almost always crowded, with people taking a break from their busy lives to socialize, share a smoke or just have some me-time with a glass of the Mumbai special tea.


So, what goes in this Mumbai famous that makes it this special? In this ever-evolving and innovative city, how did the Mumbai chai remain unchallenged as the best tea in Mumbai for years? The secret lies in its aromatic blend of healthy spices and its perfect serving size as a cutting chai, a half glass of the Mumbai special tea to savor in the brief breaks from busy lives. Of any other chai in Mumbai, the Mumbai chai remains the best, it is even named after the city itself.


Embodying the true flavor of a tapri through a Mumbai tea at home is impossible. Or at least, it was. But only till the true tapri flavor of the Mumbai special tea was captured in the Cherise Tapri Mumbai Masala Chai. An instant premix that lets you sip an entire cup of Mumbai famous tea by yourself without even having to limit yourself to the cutting size. The great care taken by Cherise to respect a Mumbaikar’s love for the best tea in Mumbai is apparent in the blend. The only way to feel like you’re having the Mumbai chai in Mumbai itself, without even stepping out of your house. Talk about missing Mumbai!



The Fame of Mumbai Chai and Cherise

How did a tea served in half its usual quantity become the best tea in Mumbai? The history of how this Mumbai tea came to span over many decades. Many reasons contributed to its rise as the most popular chai in Mumbai. A few of them are,


  • It’s Budget-Friendly: A cutting chai is half the size of a normal glass of chai. That means it's also only half as costly. Still milky and strong with the flavor of spices, the Mumbai chai is a delicacy affordable to all!
  • A Break from the Hustle: Mumbai is a city known for its busy crowds. The Mumbai tea is not only for refreshment but it is also a break for the people from their busy schedules. The tapris aren’t just tea stalls, they are places where friendships happen.
  • Small Doses for Long Days: The days are long and tiring in Mumbai for an average person. A steaming glass of chai can keep them going all day, especially when taken throughout the day. The half-glass serving size serves this purpose perfectly. A glass of strong cutting chai every now and then is the perfect fuel to get going.
  • It’s Healthy: Mumbai tea has many proven health benefits along with its great taste that makes it the best. It contains anti-inflammatory properties, helps with digestion and is full of antioxidants. When you could do your body so much good with a tasty chai, why wouldn’t you?



The reasons for this Mumbai famous tea’s popularity is definitely highlighted in Cherise’s version of the same. The Cherise Tapri Mumbai Masala Chai is tea straight from the city, that you can brew right at home.

The Best Tea in Mumbai at Home with Cherise

Whether you miss Mumbai or just want a taste of the city, this Mumbai Masala Chai premix from Cherise Global will take you to paradise. The Cherise recipe is not just a randomly chosen one, it is the best Mumbai chai blend you will come across– with the taste of Mumbai’s countless masala teas to create one amazing concoction. 


Choose the best tea in Mumbai to be your daily partner, order your Mumbai Masala Chai from the Cherise Global shop now!

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