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About Cherise

Cherise is one of India's most Advanced & Hygienic Farm to Cup Eco-system!
We come from a multi-generational house of Institutional Tea Farmers & specialize in research and manufacture of a large variety of Teas, Coffees, Soups & Milk, which are produced by us in our own brands and marketed via our own state-of-the-art IoT & Android based Vending eco-system, to the end-consumer!
Our proprietary Smart Vending Platforms are created & maintained by us in-house and based on IoT (Internet Of Things) Technology using Advanced Mechatronics.


Cherise is proud to bring you a wide variety of Beverages through our portfolio of World-Class Brands, from Farms to your Cup!

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Specialiteas is an International range of 100% natural Black, Green, Herbal & Floral Teas, brought to you from Tea Farms across the World, to your Cup!

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Flavors Of India and brings to you an exciting variety of traditional Indian beverages loved and enjoyed across our country!

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Your immunity could use a power-up right now. Here is our collection of natural immunity boosters inspired by the ancient Indian study of Ayurveda.

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There is nothing better than a warm blend of health and farm-fresh goodness. Rejuvenate your workforce with this instant beverage.


Cherise India is now giving you an unadulterated chai experience with the Cherise Tapri Machine- India’s most advanced & hygienic IoT based, fully contact-less, smart vending ecosystem. Rejuvanate yourself with fresh-brewed tea in just a finger’s touch

Bring Cherise TAPRI to your office now!


We at Cherise are Farmers and therefore we know exactly where our produce originates from! We create unique blends and make them available to you through our Smart, IoT & Android based Vending Machines!
The Cherise Tapri Smart Vending Machine uses state-of-the-art IoT & advanced mechatronics to give you un-paralled consumer experience and serves as a beautiful combination of a Farmer’s Soul along with a Software Engineer’s Art!
Our decades-long experience of Farming, our specialization in ingredient science at its deepest, most technical level and our World-Class IoT Technology, all together, allow us to bring you the freshest and most tasteful beverages ... right from Farms to your Cup!

Cherise Global Rooted To Values

Rooted to Values

Cherise Global is rooted in our value of honesty, making our primary objective delivering you the best quality.

Cherise Global Modern And Hi Tech

Modern & Hi-Tech

We work to consistently keep up with technology to bring you the best, most innovative products in the market.

Cherise Global Customer Focused

Customer Focused

You, as a customer, will always be our first priority. After all, we are family- bonded together with tea!

Cherise Global Impact Oriented

Impact Oriented

We believe in innovation. Cherise India is always working to initiate change that will positively impact the consumer market.

Cherise Global MK Jokai Logo White From the house of tea farmers

A global leader in Orthodox tea manufacturing & distribution, MK Tea Group strives to be the epitome of quality tea products. Mr Mukundray K. Shah’s vision established the group soon after India’s independence, at a time when India was just beginning to see an industrial and commercial revolution.

With a streamlined business plan and solid foundation, the company forged their own path in the industry to offer large-scale tea production on the basis of a solid foundation and a streamlined business plan. Such precision was completely new to the yet-to-be organized industry, enabling MK Tea Group to become one of the pioneering companies in the Indian tea-manufacturing sector.

Today it is a brand that is dedicated to creating quality tea products- products that are scientifically engineered with passion, commitment and authenticity.


At Cherise Global, we are dedicated to delivering the most innovative products for our partners and clients.
We share our passion with a wide range of reputed organizations, whose trust in us facilitate our strong client relationships.



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