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Tea Coffee Machine for Offices

31 Jan 2022



tea coffee machine for offices

Tea coffee machine prices- does it outweigh the benefits?

Tea coffee machine price

Are you a person who is tired of making your clients at the office wait so long for a steaming chai before getting on with your business? Are your employees bored of having the same old chai on every break? We have got the perfect solution- an instant tea making machine.


You have probably already considered your options and available tea coffee machine prices if you ended up here. Tea coffee vending machine prices you see online on your research might have made you doubtful about whether they are actually feasible for your office, especially if it is a small one.


We have compiled all the details you need to know if you are planning to get a tea coffee machine for rent or to buy it for your office. Read on for more information on how you can make your office a complete chai paradise for your clients and your employees.


Advantages of tea in a workspace

Tea coffee vending machine price

No one says no to a freshly brewed cup of tea or coffee during a stressful day in the office. These days, most big and small office spaces are equipped with their own tea coffee vending machine for both the employees and clients.


The work culture of offices has changed immensely in the past years, most employees are under immense pressure to deliver an optimal performance or risk being pushed behind. This leads to burnouts, fatigue, anxiety and a complete upheaval of work-life balance for them. The stress of the rising competition among workers and deadlines often leave employees without the energy or alertness they need to actually deliver their best at work.


Now, we are not saying that an instant tea making machine can solve all these problems. However a cup of chai is proven to provide many benefits on a mental as well as physical level. It helps combat the effects of a high-stress work environment by relaxing, revitalizing and uplifting the mood of all your employees. Tea can also help to heighten alertness, banish lethargy and beat fatigue. The high percentage of antioxidants present in tea leaves can reduce your chance of developing lifestyle diseases that often plague office goers. A cup of tea, with its proven immunity boosting capabilities, will also benefit your employees in the long run- helping them remain less susceptible to any viruses making round!


Similarly, imagine yourself with a client. Doesn’t welcoming them to your office with a steaming beverage of their choice sound much better than getting directly to business? Sharing a cup of tea with your client can help put them at ease. A simple tea-time conversation can also benefit you by giving you an opportunity to build rapport with the, which will do you much good further along.


According to what we understand, you might as well consider tea coffee vending machines a necessity in your office. The several benefits it can provide your employees, your clients and you is way bigger when you consider the actual tea coffee machine price. But we have to warn you, not choosing the right technology that suits your workplace needs might bring more harm than good. We’ll tell you how to choose a tea coffee machine worth its price.

Choosing the right tea coffee vending machine for your office

Tea coffee machine on rent

If you have a small office and are wondering about the feasibility of getting a tea coffee machine on rent or of buying one, considering the tea coffee vending machine prices are definitely important. But there are many other things you need to consider before getting one that will suit your needs. You have to make sure the machine you choose is automatic, since there will be no baristas to do the manual part the non-automatic machine would demand. This also means that the tea coffee vending machine is worth its price only if it is user friendly and easy to operate. You have to ensure that it has great capacity and output because the demand for hot chai in offices would definitely be high.


Tea coffee vending machine prices often depend up on the technology they use. Since it stores beverages meant for consumption, we would suggest you don’t go with a fresh milk tea coffee vending machine although these are the most common ones in the market. These machines are equipped with storage containers for milk and coffee is ground and brewed on demand. Unfortunately, these machines make the user do most of the work like adding the tea bag and sugar when it comes to tea. But what is even worse is that the containers in fresh milk tea coffee vending machines are constantly exposed to the atmosphere causing contamination and an abundance of foodborne pathogens in the raw milk.


Cherise Tapri Smart Vending Ecosystem

Instant tea making machine

The best way to make the tea coffee machine price you paid worth your while is to invest it in the right one.


We have the best option for you- the Cherise Tapri Smart Vending Ecosystem. It uses India’s most advanced technology to remain completely contactless. Its IPM system, 

smart drainage system and auto self-cleaning mechanism ensure hygiene. It is also equipped with built-in GPS, high-speed dispensing,

hand sanitizer, mobile app based control, multiple payment modes, fingerprint recognition and more. Since it is a premix-based machine, you don’t even have to worry about using fresh milk. Read more about the various benefits of this revolutionary machine at the Cherise Tapri page.


Make the smart choice when it comes to tea coffee vending machines, and make your office a chai-paradise for everyone!

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