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What Is The Major Difference Between Masala Tea, White And Black Tea?

09 Mar 2022



what is the major difference between masala tea, white and black tea?

Cherise Tapri and the Love of Tea

The world loves tea! In many places, tea is not a simple beverage. It is an everyday ritual, an emotion we all feel. At Cherise, we know exactly how much history tea has in India. In fact, we witnessed it! From the very ancient times, tea has been etched into the very core of civilization– starting out as a drink of royalty to now being available in street side tapris everywhere. Tea is how we start our days, how we cure boredom and how we socialize.


This is the sentiment from which Cherise Tapri came to be. Beginning from its very root as the coarse black tea to which we added the magic spices of India to create the masala chai, it is now available to everyone in its finest form– the white tea. ‘Masala tea near me’ has become one of the most popular search terms among chai lovers. Masala chai teas have gained popularity all across the globe now, the best black teas are available in shops across the world and even the white tea prices don’t affect tea lovers anymore. After all, isn’t a great cup of chai worth it all? And with Cherise Tapri you get the best prices too!


The Origins of Cherise’s Masala Chai Tea

To understand how masala chai tea came to be the primary Indian drink, served across corner shops and tapris everywhere, you have to understand how tea became an integral part of our culture. If you browse the web for ‘masala tea near me’ you will find numerous results, no matter where you are. But this was not always the case.

Tea itself is said to be from China. But the popularity of tea increased so much that it spread across oceans quickly. Tea’s exportation in huge quantities began with the British obsession with the beverage. It was imported across many colonies till the Assamese tea variety was discovered in Assam. It gave a bold concoction that was popular then and soon became the best black tea in the market. Note that the masala chai tea hadn’t made its appearance till then.


What made the Assamese one the best black tea then was the fact that it was much stronger than its predecessors. Unlike the earlier subtle green tea varieties, Assamese black tea had a deeper flavor. Additionally, it went along great with milk and sugar, making it the best black tea powder as well as a great option for milk tea.


So how exactly did the best black tea producer shift to manufacturing the best chai masala powders? Now, saying that Indians love masala chai tea is an understatement. A person searching for ‘masala tea near me’ can find it anywhere, even the most rural villages have plenty of tapris serving great masala chai teas. Moreover, the best chai masala prices and the best chai masala powders originate in India.


Since India is known as the land of spices, it was only a matter of time till chai masala powders started coming up. People started experimenting with the readily available tea to make a beverage that catered to their spice needs as well. Even today, there is no one best chai masala powder in existence. Each family has their own secret masala chai tea recipes with various spices and ratios.


When Cherise began to build up the recipe for the best chai masala powder that competes with the tasty tapri chais, we decided that you need to get it at the best chai masala price of all. But more importantly, we wanted to ensure that giving you a great chai masala price didn’t impact the quality and taste of your masala chai tea. Our solution was a direct farm to cup ecosystem. You get the best chai masala price and you get the best answer to your ‘masala tea near me’ query. We roamed the streets of Mumbai– the masala chai tea capital of India, and tasted the beauty in each tiny tapri. We came up with the Cherise Tapri Mumbai Masala Chai, an instant premix that gives you the authentic flavor for the best chai masala prices. Cherise also made your google searches for ‘masala tea near me’ easier. Because when you search for masala tea near me, Google won’t have to lead much farther to an outdoor tapri. Just till you kitchen where you have our Mumbai Masala Chai premix. Just two minutes to make a hearty warm cup of  spiced goodness.


Still Googling ‘Masala Tea Near Me’? Cherise Says…

… try some white tea! Many people tend to confuse white tea with your everyday milky masala chai tea. But that is not accurate. They are completely different. A white tea is one of the most delicate varieties of tea. It consists of very minimally processed tea leaves which are harvested before fully blooming. These delicate buds are covered in fine white fibers.  This is why it is called the white tea and not because of milk in it, as misinterpreted by many.


White tea, being so delicate, is always handpicked and minimally oxidized. This results in a sublime and pure tea that tastes like no other. Because of this, white tea prices tend to run higher than the best chai masala powders. This could be the reason why it is not yet a household name in tea loving India. But we feel compelled to tell you that the white tea price is definitely worth its beautiful flavor. If you are a tea enthusiast, don’t let that little extra white tea price dishearten you. Missing out on it would surely be a great loss.


Get the Best Chai Masala Prices at Cherise Shop

Whether it be white tea prices or chai masala prices, many brands often go overboard with them. This is because they understand how critical tea can be in the everyday routine of each person. At Cherise, we get it too! We know you can’t go without tea because frankly, we can’t either. But this has only inspired us to give you the best tea prices, whether it be black tea prices, chai masala prices or even white tea prices. 

Visit the Cherise Global shop now and get spoilt with the best tea choices. With the Tapri range of tea we ensured that your ‘masala tea near me’ search won’t have to take you too far. Why go out when your best answer to ‘where can I find the best masala tea near me’ could be right in your kitchen?


So why wait more. Head on over to our shop page now to be mesmerized by some amazing tea!


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