Cherise Tapri

IoT enabled smart & hygenic tea-coffee machine for flavoursome experience of multiple beverages.

Cherise Tapri is an IoT based smart vending machine which rekindles all those amazing emotions in you through our beverages brought to you from our farms to your Cup. The machines are perfect for offices, factories, cafes and the workplace providing a high quality experience with strong and stable after sales services. The machine comes with power packed technology and modular design. You can dispense from a wide-range of beverages like tea, coffee, black tea, green tea, soup, milk, herbal tea, black coffee in a variety of desi and international flavours.

Cherise Kettle

Premix based instant tea, coffee machine for authentic Indian flavours of tea, coffee and more…

Cherise Kettle is a smart and compact tea coffee machine which gives you a complete hassle free alternative to a kitchenette based beverage making. No gas stove, no milk, no sugar, no multiple ingredients. Simply plug and use, hassle-free dispensing with smart app based monitoring for use at pan shops, small offices, canteens, take-away counters, kiriana shops, public places. Not only this the Cherise Kettle comes with ZERO COST for Machine and simple per cup payment model of beverages, delivered to your doorstep.

Cherise Buddy

A premium capsule based ideal buddy for making your tea and coffee instantly!

Make your perfect cup like a skilled barista or teetotaller! Give a fresh start to your day and savour every moment with delight as Cherise Buddy Capsule Vending System brings you a plethora of gourmet beverage innovations with distinctive taste, fine quality and elegant design.
Enjoy and savour premium international teas and coffee at your desk with Cherise Buddy!

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