Cherise India | One of India's most Advanced & Hygienic Farm to Cup Eco-system!

Experience healthy Farm-Fresh Beverages along-with one of India's most advanced and hygienic IoT based, fully contact-less, smart vending eco-system!

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Experience healthy Farm-Fresh Beverages along-with one of India's most advanced and hygienic IoT based, fully contact-less, smart vending eco-system!

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Cherise India Private Ltd is a revolutionary Farm to Cup Beverage Eco-System set up by Mr. Parimal Shah and was launched for commercial operations in January 2020. 

Cherise manufacturers a wide range of tea, coffee, soups, and milk, and packages and markets them under their various brands in India and abroad. Additionally, Cherise specializes in the manufacture of Smart IoT & Android enabled Vending Machines.

These vending machines are currently one of India’s most advanced, hygienic, fully contactless beverage stations which dispense a wide variety of Cherise beverages on demand, in seconds. The technology, the designs, the IoT dashboard, the assembling, the deployment as well as the maintenance is fully owned and managed by Cherise. Multiple patents for their products and the technology have been filed, and the technology used by Cherise smart vending machines is miles ahead of anything else that is currently available in the Indian market. 

The three pillars of Cherise are – Quality, Technology and Systems.

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Cherise India produces a high-quality array of beverages that are healthy, farm-fresh, and authentic in taste.

Our vision is to create a holistic beverage experience for our consumers globally. We focus on creating innovative products that provide an authentic taste experience. Cherise India is a brand of multiple sub-brands - SpecialTeas, Tapri, Ayurveda, Brew Days, Bean Lovers, and Ice Boosters with each brand having its own niche market with its own unique flavors and premium quality.

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Mr. Parimal Shah is the Founder and CEO of Cherise India Private Ltd, which is a revolutionary Farm to Cup beverage eco-system! He is a third-generation Tea farmer having experience of 14 years as a master Tea sommelier, and a coffee sensory analyst. Along with founding and running Cherise, he also serves as President for Russian Operations at MK Jokai Agri Plantations Pvt Ltd, a leader in Tea Farming and exports.


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Mr. Kalpesh K Shah

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Our roots are based out of MK Jokai A global leader in Orthodox tea manufacturing & distribution, MK Tea Group strives to be the epitome of quality tea products. A vision of Mr. Mukundray K. Shah, the group was founded soon after India gained Independence: a time when India was just beginning to see an industrial and commercial revolution.

Today it is a brand that is dedicated to creating quality tea products- products that are scientifically engineered with passion, commitment and authenticity.


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