Cherise Vending Machine is a Smart Business Investment
Cherise Vending Machine: A Smart Business Investment

20 Mar 2023


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cherise vending machine: a smart business investment

5 reasons why installing a Cherise tea vending machine is a smart investment for your business.


Placing a tea vending machine in your firm is a wise investment that will pay dividends in the long term. It additionally provides a simple way for your employees to receive their daily cup of tea, but it may also help you save money on labour expenditures. The Cherise tea vending machine is the ideal solution.


This Advanced and Hygienic Smart Vending machine offers a wide range of tea beverages with customizable options, making it the perfect addition to any business or public space. Let's explore five reasons why installing a Cherise tea vending machine is a smart investment for your business.


  1. Convenience: Every small tea break makes employees productive. Having Cherise smart Vending Machines in the office is the convenience that employees can get their favourite tea at any time. The Cherise tea vending machine offers a convenient solution for businesses that experience high traffic or have limited staff. With its easy-to-use touch screen interface, employees can quickly and easily select their preferred tea beverage without waiting in long lines or dealing with complicated ordering systems. Having an IoT-based advanced tea maker machine in your company, makes the interior more advanced and also attracts the attention of employees.
  2. Customizable: Machines that make the workplace more comfortable are diverse. Welcoming cherise tea vending machine in your office provides standout features due to its wide selection of tea beverages. Through Cherise Tapri Kiosk Vending Machine you can enjoy different delicious tea flavours like Mumbai masala tea, Calcutta elaichi tea, Delhi adarak tea, Nagpuri nimbu tea, and more. The machine also offers customizable options, such as the strength of the tea, the amount of sweetener, and the temperature of the beverage. This level of customization ensures that every cup of tea is tailored to each employee's individual preferences, making for a more satisfying and enjoyable tea-drinking experience.
  3. Hygienic: Cherise values cleanliness in vending machines and offers comprehensive services for safety. This includes Tapri Man, who maintains and cleans machines, restocks supplies, and resolves technical issues. Hygiene and IPM (Integrated Pest Management) specialists conduct quarterly check-ups to reduce contamination risks. Techno men visit monthly for machine evaluations.
  4. Cost-Effectiveness: By having a Cherise Tapri tea and coffee vending machine that offers a variety of tea and coffee options, you are saving on cost. Renting or leasing a vending machine is much more affordable than purchasing expensive brewing equipment or hiring additional staff to make and serve tea. This makes it an excellent investment for businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large corporations.
  5. Free Demo, Free Machine, You Pay for Refills: The most amazing advantage of choosing Cherise Tapri tea and coffee vending machine is that the machine is absolutely free, you just pay for the refills. Another USP is that Cherise offers free demos in all major cities. You just have to fill a simple and quick form for the free demo. 
  6. Bonus Point - Increased Customer Satisfaction: Providing Cherise teas as an option for your employees or visitors can improve overall customer satisfaction. When people have access to a variety of beverages, they are more likely to be happy and satisfied with their experience. This can lead to positive reviews and recommendations, which can help attract new business.


The Cherise Tapri Kiosk Vending Ecosystem uses IoT tech to provide real-time machine status and consumption insights, as well as remote management and diagnostics. The Cherise mobile app dashboard lets businesses monitor and control vending machines from anywhere, including performing maintenance tasks, troubleshooting technical issues, and updating machine settings remotely. This saves time and reduces operational costs.


The IoT sensors collect data for actionable insights that optimize the vending experience. IoT tech enhances security and safety with features like fingerprint recognition, RFID payment systems, and sensor-based hand sanitizer and auto self-cleaning mechanisms, ensuring that customers' personal information is secure, transactions are safe, and the machine is hygienic.


The Cherise Tapri Kiosk Vending Ecosystem leverages IoT technology to deliver a personalized, efficient, and safe vending experience. With real-time machine status updates, remote machine management, and actionable insights, it sets a new standard for the vending industry.


Investing in a Cherise Tapri Machine for your workplace offers numerous benefits, including convenience, cost-effectiveness, customization, and hygiene, as well as the potential for additional revenue. With just one touch, this tea and coffee vending machine provides a delicious hot cup of tea, enhancing the employees experience and improves revenue. If you're considering investing in a vending machine for your workplace, the Cherise Tapri Kiosk tea vending machine is a smart choice. The Cherise tea and coffee vending machines are available in all leading cities in India and you can schedule a free demo at your workplace by filling up a quick demo form.


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